SBitcoin – a proven, long-running exchange. He carries a considerable amount of functions.

Firstly, it is, of course, exchange a variety of electronic currency – bitcoin (Bitcoin), btc-e codes, Yandex.Money, Qiwi and many other popular Electrical Wheels currency.

Second, it provides immediate withdrawal of currency for Visa and MasterCard cards, and bank accounts in rubles, US dollars and UAH. It should be noted that many exchangers latest version of launch vehicles are not used, or is the removal of funds takes place in a very long time. That does not concern SBitcoin – here the exchange takes place very quickly, and takes five to 30 minutes.

This site has a high level of security, a high exchange rate and the optimal structure. If necessary, the exchange is carried out anonymously – important to specify the correct account and contact details for safety.

There may also be performed just remittances.

By signing up for SBitcoin, you get several nice features.

Firstly, you can exchange money at more favorable than those for third parties, courses, although for them the optimal conditions are created, since the exchange does not take place at the average exchange rates, and for the best for the customers. But the Commission will be lower for you.

The second reason for registration – it is an opportunity to participate in an affiliate program that will allow you to capitalize on exchanges.

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