The emergence of electronic money and cryptocurrency was a real upheaval in the financial world, because the money brought to a whole new level of speed of transaction execution, freedom from boundaries and lack of control by the governing body of individual countries. Currently cryptocurrency and electronic money – it is usual and normal way of financial cooperation. With their help, I pay work, shopping in online stores, remittances. Cryptocurrency can sell, buy, trade – that is, to work with them as with ordinary currencies. So now there was a huge number of exchanges and exchange of electronic currencies, which can be used for common courses of action – exchange earnings and to swing their courses.

Basic steps for those who use electronic money – is the completion of electronic purses, currency exchange, withdrawal – ie translating them into national currency, in the form of cash or non-cash money. All these actions are carried out, and the exchange rates – for the stock market or currency exchange tools necessary to start, and then – to withdraw.

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