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    By registering in our affiliate program, you get a unique affiliate identifier, which is added to all your links (? Exbpid = 777) and HTML code. You can post links to any pages of our service on your website, blog, page, in communities and social networks.

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    Yes, of course, absolutely all transitions will be taken into account, you should not worry about it.

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    It depends on many factors, such as: 1. Attendance of your web site or sites where you post information about us. 2. Correspondence of the site topics to the target audience that may be interested in currency exchange services. Simply put, you should not rely on a large number of clicks on your affiliate link on the parrot breeding site. 3. The correct presentation of information. For example, few people will be attracted to just the link "currency exchange" without any descriptions somewhere in the corner of the web page.

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    Yes you can. We have no restrictions on working with other affiliate programs.

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